Communication between DDS elements is determined by ports owned by Domain Participants. Ports that are parts of the communication has to have DDS Endpoint stereotype otherwise they will be omitted.

To apply DDS Endpoint stereotype on a port

  1. Right-click the port and from the shortcut menu, select Stereotype.
  2. In the opened dialog, select DDS Endpoint. 
  3. Click Apply.

The derived direction of ports determine whether they are considered Data Reader or Data Writers. In case of non-nested ports the publishers and subscribers which contain the Data Readers or Writers are implicitly defined under the Domain Participants. Publishers and Subscribers in DDS group Data Readers and Writers.

Nested ports can be used to group Data Writers and Readers. The grouping is determined by the ports highest in the hierarchy (direct children of the Block). Note that non-nested ports must have a type of Topic.

In between ports have no effective meaning.

In case of nested ports, ports highest in the hierarchy implicitly define subscribers and publishers as well.