There are three elements that QoS Profiles can be assigned to in the model:

  • Endpoints typed by Topic.
  • DomainParticipants.
  • Topics.

To create an empty Endpoint QoS Assignment Table

  1. In the Containment tree, right-click a predefined Endpoint QoS Package.
  2. From the shortcut menu, select Create Diagram and from the opened dialog, select Endpoint QoS Assignment Table.
  3. The unnamed table is created. Type its name and press enter.

To fill in the Endpoint QoS Assignment Table

  1. From the table toolbar, click the Add New button. The new row appears and Endpoint QoS Assignment element is created in the model.
  2. In the table, specify the following:
     - Double-click the Name cell and type Endpoint QoS Assignment name.
     - Double-click the QoS Profile cell, select Edit and in the Select Elements dialog choose QoS Profile.
     - Double-click the Endpoint cell, select Edit and in the Select Port dialog choose already created ports or use the Creation Mode to create new port.
     - Double-click the Domain Participant Instance cell, select Edit and in the Select Property dialog choose already created Part Properties or use the Creation Mode to create new Part Property.

Assigning QoS on subscribers/publishers is not possible since they are derived from the model and not explicitly marked.

  • To assign QoS Profiles on Topics create a Topic QoS Assignment Table.
  • To assign QoS Profiles on Domain Participants create a Participant QoS Assignment Table.
  • To assign QoS Profiles on Endpoints create a Endpoint QoS Assignment Table.