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Excel Import Plugin 19.0 LTR SP4 Documentation

You need to download the all-in-one plugin pack (the .rdzip file) first by doing the following

  1. Log on at as a license owner.
  2. From your download area, download the all-in-one plugin pack to the installation directory of the modeling tool.

You can install the Excel Import plugin by importing the downloaded all-in-one plugin pack (the .rdzip file) through Resource/Plugin Manager or extracting the plugin pack manually in the modeling tool directory.

To install Excel Import by importing the plugin pack (the .rdzip file) through Resource/Plugin Manager

  1. From the modeling tool main menu, click Help > Resource/Plugin Manager. The Resource/Plugin Manager dialog opens.


    Specify HTTP Proxy Settings for the connection to access MagicDraw updates and resources.

  2. Click to browse the local file system to locate the plugin pack.
  3. After importing the plugin pack, click to close the dialog.
  4. Restart the modeling tool. The plugin installation will be completed after restarting the modeling tool.

To extract the plugin pack directly in the modeling tool directory

  1. Go to the directory where your modeling tool is installed and extract the downloaded plugin pack.
  2. Start the modeling tool. The plugin is applied to your modeling tool.

The Excel Import plugin comes bundled with a sample of UML2.5 Meta Model with attributes. You can see this sample after you have downloaded the plugin and restarted your modeling tool (Help > Resource/Plugin Manager > Samples).

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