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After upgrading to MAC OS Ventura, MagicDraw and other modeling tools do not start or crash. 

This is a known issue. MagicDraw and other modeling tools do not start via APP on MacOS Ventura. You can update the APP with the new file for the 2021x Refresh2 HotFix4 version and later. Contact Customer Support to get the new APP file.

This issue has been solved with 2022x Refresh1 Hot Fix 1, released on December 23, 2022. Learn how to download installation files >>

To update APP 

  1. Download <modeling_tool_name> file as instructed by Customer Support.
  2. Extract the downloaded file.
  3. Go to <modeling_tool installation directory>/bin/<...> and open the .properties file.
  4. In the open properties file, remove the "JAVA_HOME=" argument value if it is not empty.
  5. In the <modeling_tool installation directory>/<..>, replace the APP file with the downloaded one.
  6. Start the application.
  7. In the open message dialog, click Open.

After the APP is updated, the version displayed in the menu does not match the version in the About window. This is an expected behavior that has no impact on your modeling tool's functionality.

The new APP contains Java 11.0.16. We highly recommend not changing the Java version.

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