The FlexNet Publisher license server (the floating license server) from Flexera is used for managing floating licenses. The basic components of the FlexNet Publisher license server are these:

A floating license allows you to install and use the same license on multiple machines. The licenses are managed by the floating license server. The floating license server has information on the total number of products and editions you have and how many of these licenses are currently in use.

Getting the FlexNet license server installation files

In your 'FlexNet License Server utilities' folder, you can find the FlexNet license server installation files, Administration user guides, and release notes. The folder is located in the appropriate media volume. To find out, which media volume contains the 'FlexNet License Server utilities' folder, see the 3DS Media list based on the release version.

Downloading media volume files from the 3DS software download page >>

System requirements

For system requirements, refer to the Release Note of the specific version.

Using the FlexNet license server

To use the FlexNet server

  1. Install the server.
  2. Add the license key to the server.

FlexNet server and modeling tools compatibility

You need to choose the version of the FlexNet license server and a vendor daemon - Cameo according to the modeling tool version you use.

Modeling tool\FlexNet version

11.12.0 and below



11.17.0, 11.18.2, 11.19.0

2021x and later

not compatible

X 1

X 1


19.0 and earlier


X 1

X 1

X 1

1 Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, and MAC 64-bit lmadmin\lmgrd are incompatible with a vendor daemons – cameo of 64-bit. 
Use 32-bit lmadmin according to instructions for FlexNet license server 11.12, 11.14, 11.16 or FlexNet license server 11.17.0, 11.18.2, 11.19.0

FlexNet license borrowing is not supported on macOS machines running with ARM Java.