• The FlexNet license server is installed.
  • You have the license key.


  1. Start the FlexNet license server.

  2. Import the license key to the FlexNet license server.

To import the license key to the FlexNet license server:

  1. Connect to the FlexNet License Server management Web interface. Use the default address (http://localhost:8090) or your server name (http://<server name>:8090).

  2. Click Administration at the top-right corner of the webpage. When prompted to sign in, enter the default administrator's credentials (admin/admin).
  3. In the FlexNet License Administrator's webpage, click Vendor Daemon Configuration on the left.
  4. Click Import License and select the received license key file.
  5. Click the Import License button.

    If you want to re-import the license key file, select the Overwrite License File on License Server check box.

    Apply the license key to the FlexNet license server

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