Using a floating license in the offline mode.

If a license is used on a machine that is intermittently connected to the license server, the license can be borrowed from the server and used as an offline floating license. A license can be borrowed from a license server for the selected period of time (default 24 hours).

The maximum license borrowing period is 2 months. If you would like to limit the maximum borrowing period, please contact your sales representative.

Configuration files

The files where your defined settings and environment options are stored.

When upgrading your software, you can choose one of the following:

  • If you want to import the environment options from an earlier modeling tool or server version, select the location and click Import.
  • If you are installing the software for the first time and/or do not want to use earlier environment options, click Use Default.

License key

A license for the dedicated Target ID received after purchase.

Floating license

The floating license allows you to install and use the same license on multiple machines. Both DSLS and FlexNet license server are used to manage floating licenses. 

Target ID / Host ID / Computer ID

A combination of numbers and letters (also known as the MAC Address or Physical Address), which identifies the network card of a machine. It is used to tie the license to a particular machine. The Host ID is for the FlexNet license server, and the Computer ID is for DSLS.

License type

Seat (Nodelock). The license of a modeling tool dedicated to one working place.

Floating (Shareable). Allows you to install and use the same license of a modeling tool on multiple machines.

Managed. Allows you to obtain license keys from a highly available license server managed by Dassault Systemes (SaaS), which is not installed on your premises.

Please note that the license type of a modeling tool and the plugins used with the tool must be the same.

Vendor daemon

A program developed by CATIA / No Magic to implement the FlexNet license server. The vendor daemon tracks how many licenses are checked out and who has the licenses.