With DSLS, product licenses are checked out using trigrams instead of the full product name. See the tables below to know the specific trigrams denoting each product. 

CATIA Magic portfolio

Magic Systems of Systems ArchitectMYH
Magic Systems Cybersecurity DesignerMAK
Magic Systems of Systems Architect for EducationMYH-EDU
Magic Model AnalystMSI
Magic Systems of Systems Architect Student EditionMYH-STU
Magic Model Analyst Student EditionMSI-STU
Magic Cyber Systems EngineerMAH
Magic Model Analyst for EducationMSI-EDU
Magic Software ArchitectMWA
Magic Alf AnalystMAF
Magic Collaboration StudioMCS
Magic Real-Time Communication DesignerMRC
Magic Collaboration Studio EntryMC5
Magic Concept ModelerMCO
Magic Collaboration Studio for EducationMCS-EDU

Magic Collaboration 5 Connections packMCY

NoMagic portfolio

Teamwork Cloud - Standard EditionM6S
Cameo Data Modeler PluginM7D
Teamwork Cloud - Business EditionM6B
ParaMagic PluginM7P
Teamwork Cloud - Business Pro EditionM6P
Cameo Requirements Modeler PluginM7R
Teamwork Cloud - Enterprise EditionM6E
SysML PluginM7Y
Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, 5 ConnectionsM2T-05
Cameo Simulation Toolkit PluginM7S
Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, 10 ConnectionsM2T-10
UPDM 2 PluginM7X
Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, 25 ConnectionsM2T-25
Merge PluginM7G
Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, 50 ConnectionsM2T-50
UAF PluginM7U
Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, 75 ConnectionsM2T-75
DDS Real-Time Communication PluginM7B
Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud, 100+ ConnectionsM2T-100+
Alf PluginM7A

MagicDraw - Standard Edition


Cameo DataHub PluginM7H
MagicDraw - Enterprise EditionM5E
Cameo Business Modeler PluginM7M
MagicDraw - Professional C++ EditionM5D
Cameo Systems Cybersecurity DesignerM8A
MagicDraw - Architect EditionM5A
Cameo Concept Modeler PluginM7C
Cameo Systems Modeler - Architect EditionM3A

Cameo Systems Modeler - Enterprise Edition

Cameo Enterprise Architecture - Enterprise EditionM2E