OWL import improvements
  • Added support for DisjointUnionOf axioms.
  • Added support for multiple property chains for a super property.
  • Added support for an OWL object property assertion when its corresponding UML property is owned by an association.
  • The prefix of an imported ontology is now saved into the 'namespacePrefix' tagged value of the corresponding Concept Model.
  • Added support for reimporting an individual.
OWL export improvements
  • An unnamed UML «Property Chain» Property that subsets another named property is exported as an OWL object-property chain.
Bug fixes
  • Importing a necessary and sufficient self restriction no longer creates an unnecessary anonymous class.

  • Exporting a link between instance specifications now works when a slot has an association-owned property as its defining feature.

  • Exporting a concept model element IRI with leading or trailing white space no longer generates an invalid IRI.

  • Indirectly importing a property chain is no longer ignored.

  • An imported property without a domain is now owned by «Anything».

  • A complete generalization set with super class belonging to another concept model now correctly exports the covering axiom.

  • Importing a necessary and sufficient restriction on a class that has no other equivalence relationship no longer creates an unnecessary anonymous class.

  • The generated IRI for an instance no longer starts with an upper case letter.

  • Importing a DatatypeRestriction no longer generates an error message.