When you want to assign the same roles or assignments that belong to a user or a user group to another user or user group, you can quickly do so by copying them using the User pane. This section shows you how to copy user roles and assignments using the Role Assignments pane on the User pane.

To copy roles and/or assignment(s) from one user to another

  1. On the User application, click a target username to open the User pane. 
  2. In the Roles card, click Change. The Change roles pane opens. 
  3. Select to Copy assignments. 

  4. Type a username whose assignments you want to copy. All matching letter, keyword, or username will appear in the drop-down list.
  5. Select a username and the roles and assignments associated with the selected username will appear.
  6. Click the Save button, to save the changes. The selected roles and/or assignments will be assigned to the target username.