As previously explained in section User roles and permissions, the scopes of pre-existing (predefined) roles in the Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) system are categorized into two: Global and Resource-specific.

A role whose scope is global is a role that allows a user to work on any protected objects in TWCloud. Which means the permissions coverage is thorough and it is not limited to a specific resource. Users whose role's scope is global are authorized to carry out their tasks (aligned with the permissions) anywhere within TWCloud. For example, a User Manager who maintains and manages all user accounts on the TWCloud system. There is no need to assign resources for this sort of role. 

A role whose scope is resource-specific is a role that allows a user to work in a local project. The permissions of this role are on a resource-basis. A user who reviews a project or document has a resource-specific role. A user can have more than one resource-specific role, for example, user A can be both Resource Contributor in Project A and Resource Manager of Project B. This supports the working concept of different roles in each project in an organization.