Follow the steps described below to upgrade Magic Collaboration Studio to a new version and migrate its database.

Database migration prerequisites

The steps below apply only when migrating the Magic Collaboration Studio database from versions 2021x, 2021x Refresh1, and 2021x Refresh2. If you want to migrate the database of an earlier version, first migrate it to 2021x series. When migrating skip the project migration step on the client-side (this step will be required only after the migration to the new version).

For more information about migrating the Magic Collaboration Studio database to the 2021x series, see:

To upgrade Magic Collaboration Studio and migrate the database

  1. Upgrade Apache Cassandra to version 4.x (we recommend using Apache Cassandra 4.0.3).

  2. Upgrade Teamwork Cloud. After upgrading, the database schema will be updated automatically on the first Teamwork Cloud start-up.

  3. Migrate Teamwork Cloud projects.