Publishing models to Cameo Collaborator for Teamwork Cloud allows you to present them in a simplified form for users who do not know modeling languages, such as UML or SysML. Publishing is the beginning step of the model review workflow, as displayed in the following figure:

Publishing a model is the first step in the workflow for reviewing models and providing feedback.

You can republish a model each time you update it while reacting to the reviewer's feedback. When republishing the model, you can either create a new document with a different name or update the one already stored in Teamwork Cloud. The updated document includes all the comments from the previous version, unless the comments are disabled when republishing.

To learn more, see the following topics:

Cameo Collaborator Publisher

To be able to publish models to Cameo Collaborator for TWC, you must install the Cameo Collaborator Publisher plugin in your modeling tool.