When you get feedback in a Cameo Collaborator document, you can address comments straight from the modeling tool. This saves time because you can quickly navigate from comments to commented elements and modify them without leaving the modeling environment.

Once a Cameo Collaborator document has comments you need to respond to, do the following:

  1. In a modeling tool, connect to Teamwork Cloud and open the model with Cameo Collaborator comments.
  2. Open the comments panel.
  3. Do one or several of the following actions:
    1. Select a comment in the comments panel to navigate to the commented element and its commented properties.
  4. Modify the model to address comments.
  5. Reply to comments to confirm that they have been addressed or ask additional questions (you can also resolve, edit, and delete comments).
  6. Save/commit and publish the updated model.

Use the comments panel in your modeling tool to navigate to the commented element and update it in the model.

To learn more about working with comments in a modeling tool, see the following topics: