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Magic Collaboration Studio 2022x Refresh2 Documentation

Released on: July 7, 2023

Version 2022x Refresh2 allows users to easily create and manage element-level webhooks, strengthen password security with lifecycle options, and synchronize resources across repositories in more flexible ways. These updates enhance the usability, security, and collaboration aspects of Magic Collaboration Studio.

In addition, Cameo Collaborator for Magic Collaboration Studio introduces powerful enhancements that provide greater flexibility when contextualizing documents. With the ability to create and manage document sections, you can now easily add explanatory texts and images anywhere in your document. Furthermore, the document export capability has been improved, allowing you to customize the appearance of exported documents by adding page breaks and disabling automatic section numbering. The release also includes other improvements, such as enhanced rich text editing, improved comment filtering, and more.

Magic Collaboration Studio and Teamwork Cloud Admin

Webhooks' Improvements

In 2022x Refresh2 we implemented the ability to conveniently manage webhooks in Teamwork Cloud Admin. A simple UI wizard will guide you through the creation of resource or element-level (NEW!) webhooks to listen to changes made in the Magic Collaboration Studio repository.

Setting a webhook in Teamwork Cloud Admin.

Password Lifecycle Management

Password requirements management in the Teamwork Cloud Admin Settings application was enhanced with added password lifecycle management options. In addition to the complexity requirements, you can now specify internal users’ password lifecycle requirements in the Lifecycle tab.

Password complexity & lifecycle requirements with the new Lifecycle tab.

Multi-Actions in Resources Application

We implemented a multi-action capability in the Resources application. Once enabled through the Actions menu in the App bar, this capability allows you to select multiple resources or categories to delete or move.

Enabling multiselect and selecting multiple categories to move or delete in the Resources app.

Cross-Cluster Synchronization Improvements

Starting with 2022x Refresh2, we allow further synchronization of previously synchronized resources. This change was inspired by certain business cases where third parties willing to interchange Magic Collaboration Studio projects often deny connections to each other’s networks (as represented by the first topology in the image). With the improvement, it is possible to set up a Magic Collaboration Studio instance in a somewhat neutral environment (such as AWS Cloud), where all involved parties can synchronize the resources they want to share. To check out a resource, it is simply necessary to synchronize it further from a neutral environment to a company’s specific network.

Other fixes/improvements

  • Directly assigned and inherited access levels are now displayed in reports.
  • Data markings are now displayed in the Resources application. You can also see a preview of the data marking you are creating.
  • The UI of the task manager was improved and now shows why a process or an activity had errors.
  • A new role, Security Audit Manager, was added, which allows access to the Reports application.
  • Search results in the Resources application are now sorted in a more user-friendly way.

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Cameo Collaborator for Magic Collaboration Studio

Document Contextualization Enhancements

Cameo Collaborator for Magic Collaboration Studio 2022x Refresh2 presents a powerful functionality that will give you even more flexibility when contextualizing Cameo Collaborator documents. It allows you to create new document sections, which means that you can add new content, like explanatory texts and images, anywhere in a document. With this game-changing capability, enriching the published data so it could be understood by stakeholders or customers who are not familiar with modeling languages will be easier than ever. In addition, managing new sections will not be a problem: you can rename and reorder them with just a few clicks.

Creating document sections.

Reordering document sections.

Exporting Documents to PDF/HTML

The latest release of Cameo Collaborator for Magic Collaboration Studio introduces several improvements to the document export capability to give you more control over the appearance of exported documents:

  • When exporting Cameo Collaborator documents to PDF, you can add page breaks after all sections with a specified heading level.
  • When exporting documents to PDF or HTML, you can disable the automatic section numbering in the generated file. This functionality could be useful if document sections have custom numbering that you want to keep.

The second step of the document export wizard allows you to choose the section numbering and page break preferences.

Other Improvements

  • The rich text editing window for textual properties has been updated and now includes the ability to use the Superscript, Subscript, Clear Formatting, and Strikethrough features.

  • When you filter Cameo Collaborator comments by user, the user filter icon is highlighted to indicate that the filter is active. Also, the filter remains active after replying to comments.
  • The new version of Cameo Collaborator for Magic Collaboration Studio allows you to simulate a model from any place in a document where the execution element is displayed. In addition, you can run multiple simulations at once, and they will be placed in a queue.

Deployment Changes

Now the access to ZooKeeper nodes can be based on Access Control Levels (ACL) for improved security. For more information about ZooKeeper access control using ACLs, refer to

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