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The Accept Event Action is an Action that waits for the occurrence of an Event that meets specified conditions. If an Accept Event Action has no incoming edges, then the Action starts when the containing activity or Structured Node starts, whichever most immediately contains the Action. In addition, an Accept Event Action with no incoming edges remains enabled after it accepts an Event. It does not terminate after accepting an Event and outputting a value, but continues to wait for other Events. An Accept Event Action that has no incoming edges and is contained by a Structured Node is terminated when its container is terminated.


Accept Event Action

The Order Cancel Request Accept Event Action is connected to Cancel Order with the Exception Handler relationship.

Rotated Accept Event Action

The symbol of Accept Event Action is rotated.

Accept Time Event Action

The Time Event is connected to the Call Behavior Action.

Assigning signals

To assign a Signal using a drag-and-drop operation

To assign a Signal to an Accept Event Action, at least one Signal element should exist in the project.

  1. Select the Signal in the Model Browser.
  2. Drag the Signal to the Accept Event Action as shown in the following picture.

    Signal dragging to Accept Event Action

To assign a Signal using the Accept Event Action’s shortcut menu

  1. Right-click the Accept Event Action to open the shortcut menu.
  2. On the shortcut menu, click Signal. Click to select the Signal that you wish to assign to the element, or click the Create Signal button.

Once the Signal is assigned to the Accept Event Action, a Signal Event and a Trigger for this Action are created automatically. If you change the Signal, the Signal Event and the Trigger will change accordingly to a new Signal. The following figure shows the Signal Event and the Trigger positions in the Containment tree.

Signal Event and Trigger in the Containment tree

Using Time Event Shape

To draw the accept event action with the time event shape

  • In the Activity diagram panel, select the Time Event button, and then click the diagram pane.

To change the position of the Accept Event Action name

  1. Select the Accept Event Action shape on the diagram pane.

  2. Click the Rotate State button  on the upper-right side of the shape. The name of the Accept Event Action will appear on the opposite side of the shape.

You can specify for an Accept Event Action, whether there is a single Output Pin for the Event or multiple Output Pins for the attributes of the Event.

Specifying the Is Unmarshall property

To specify the Is Unmarshall property

  1. Select the Accept Event Action, and open its Specification window.
  2. Select or clear the Is Unmarshall check box. If the value is set to:
    • false, then there is a single Output Pin for the Event, and a real-world instance of the Signal is placed on this Output Pin.
    • true, then there are multiple Output Pins for the attributes of the Event, and feature values of the Signal instance are placed on the corresponding Output Pins.
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