MagicDraw 19.0 LTR Documentation

Teamwork Cloud server allows for contributing on huge projects, supporting multiple contractors who are not able to work on the same Teamwork Cloud installation. This feature allows you to import .mdzip files that have been previously exported back to the server project. Thus, you can simply save your project locally as a .mdzip file and send this file to another contractor. The contractor is then able to update the very same server project from the local project. Once the contractor completes project editing, he or she can send the project back to you. This life cycle may continue between any amount of contractors. The feature works even when multiple contractors work with separate Teamwork Cloud installations as well as local work environments. Teams can either use Teamwork Server in addition to Teamwork Cloud, or select not to use Teamwork Server or Teamwork Cloud at all.

The main contribution workflow is as follows:

  1. Contractor A saves the project locally.
  2. Contractor B gets the locally saved project for editing, modifies it and sends back to Contractor A.
  3. Contractor A receives the modified project and updates the server project.

To update a server project with local changes of the same project

Locked elements

In a server project, elements to be updated should not be locked.

  1. Open a server project.
  2. On the main menu, click CollaborateUpdate from Local Project.
  3. The Import dialog opens, You must then select a project having local changes of the same server project you are working on. Click Import after selecting the file.
  4. Select a project branch to save a new version of a project. The Select Branch dialog opens. You can:
    • Select an existing branch to import the local project as a new (latest) version of your server project and click OK.
    • Click Edit Branches to create a new branch. Click OK when you are doneLater, the project imported into a separate branch can be merged into the trunk.