MagicDraw 19.0 LTR Documentation

The Connection Point Reference represents an entry to or an exit from the submachine State. It can be used as the source or target of a transition.


The following procedures show you how to work with Connection Point Reference:

Drawing the Connection Point Reference

To draw the Connection Point Reference on the submachine State 

  1. On the State diagram palette, click the Connection Point Reference button.    
  2. Click the shape of the submachine State. The Select Entry/Exit Point dialog opens.    
  3. Select entry point to define the entry into the submachine State, or exit point to define the exit from the submachine State. The Connection Point Reference is drawn on the submachine State with a defined entry or exit point.

Checking the assigned entry/exit point to Connection Point Reference

To see the assigned entry/exit point

  • Open the Connection Point Reference dialog. The Entry or Exit properties display the defined entries.

Assigning the entry/exit points to the Connection Point Reference

To assign the entry/exit points to the Connection Point Reference

  •  Right-click the Connection Point Reference shape, and, on the shortcut menu ,click Select Entry/Exit Point

In the Select Entry/Exit Point dialog, only the entry and exit points that are created at the same State Machine as the submachine State are listed. If there are no entry/exit points at the same State machine, the Select Entry/Exit Point dialog is not opened when drawing the Connection Point Reference.

Displaying the Connection Point References

To display the Connection Point References on the submachine State shape

  1. Select the submachine State shape of the Connection Point References you want to display.
  2.  Open the Select Points dialog by performing one of the following steps:
    • From the shortcut menu, select Display > Display Points.
    • On the diagram toolbar, click Display and select Display Points.
    The Display Points command from the shortcut menu of the Handle Failure submachine State.

  3. In the dialog, select the Connection Point References that you want to display, and click OK.
    The Select Points dialog of the Handle Failure submachine State.
    Selected Connection Point References are displayed on the submachine State shape.