MagicDraw 19.0 LTR Documentation

The main purpose for the path variables feature is to give additional sharing flexibility. It enables you to store paths in your project as named variables that can be easily adjusted on different machines.

Path Variables may be used in:

  • Code engineering classpath
  • Working directories

  • Hyperlinks

  • Modules paths

  • Reports

To create a path variable

  1. In the main menu, go to Options > Environment. The Environment Options dialog opens.
  2. In the left part of the dialog expand the General element and select Path Variables.
  3. In the Path Variables area click the Add button. The Path Variable dialog opens.

  4. In the appropriate boxes enter the path variable name and description.
  5. Next to the Value box, click , navigate to the desired location and click Open.
  6. In the Path Variable dialog, click OK. Your custom path variable is created and shown in the Defined Path Variables list.
  7. In the Environment Options dialog, click OK.

Every user can specify different values of the same path variables. However path variables should be resolved only on demand, when they are used. If a modeling tool determines you can use path variables, once you specify your absolute path, the application automatically opens the Use Path Variables dialog box. For example, this dialog may open when in your project, you try to use another project From predefined location and add a new path to the Paths to used projects list.

If you do not want your modeling tool to automatically display the Use Path Variables dialog box, clear the Show suggestion to use path variables check box. To use the original path and cancel this dialog, click the Use Original button.

To use a suggested path variable

  • In the Available forms list, select a path and click the Use Selected button.

If you have your own documentation running on the local server, you can define the path in the documentation.server option.

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