MagicDraw 19.0 LTR Documentation

Use the Compartment Edit dialog to control the list of elements and properties visible in compartments on shapes. You can display or hide stereotypes, constraints, tagged values, attributes, operations, and others. If there are hidden properties on the boxable compartment, the ... is displayed.

You can also display or hide the element specification properties, such as Name, Is Active, Owner, To Do in the Compartment Edit dialog under the Element Properties tab.


To open the Compartment Edit dialog from the diagram pane

  • Select shape and click the Compartments smart manipulator. On the menu, click the arrow to expand and then select Edit Compartments.
  • Right-click a single or any number of shapes or classifier compartments (e.g. Properties, Operations, Receptions, Ports, and etc.) and from the shortcut menu, select Edit Compartments.

    Compartment Edit dialog of multiple shapes

    When you edit compartments of more than one shape at once, the Compartment Edit dialog works with the following rules:

     - If you select multiple shapes of the same element, the Compartment Edit dialog is the same as for a single shape, but changes are applied for all selected shapes after clicking OK.
     - If you select multiple shapes of different elements, the Compartment Edit dialog shows a union of compartments and their items.
     - If you select multiple shapes but at least one of them hides the common compartment item while another shows it, the Compartment Edit dialog displays that item in italics in the Element Properties tab > Selected area. If you move the conflicting item to the Hidden area, it becomes non-italicized and changes are applied for both shapes after clicking OK.

  • On the Note shape, click the Edit Element Properties smart manipulator.


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