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After the conversion, a converted element owns the same compatible specification properties and is connected with the same related elements as the original element was connected. The incompatible properties of the original element are lost, that is, are deleted from the project.

Incompatible means that the converted element can NOT own particular properties or can NOT be associated with particular related elements of the original element.

For example, let’s convert the component to package. See an example in the following figure.

Example of conversion when original and converted elements has incompatible property (Port)

As you see, the component has the assigned port. According to UML guidelines, a package cannot own ports. So, in this case, ports are incompatible with the packages. After the conversion, the package, that is, a converted element, has no assigned port. The port is deleted from the project.

To prevent from losing model data, you always get a message with a warning that incompatible properties will be lost after the element conversion.

Changes after conversion

Converting a property to a port

If the property visibility is private, protected, or package , then after the conversion visibility of the created port will be set to public.

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