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The Information Flows package provides mechanisms for specifying the exchange of information between entities in a system at a high level of abstraction. Information Flows describe the circulation of information in a system in a general manner. They do not specify the nature of the information or the mechanisms by which this information is conveyed (message passing, signal, common data store, parameter of operation, etc.). Also, they do not specify sequences or any control conditions. It is intended that representation and realization links will be able to specify which model element implements the specified information flow, and how the information will be conveyed. while modeling in detail.

An Information Item is an abstraction of all information that can be exchanged between objects. It is a kind of classifier intended to represent information in a very abstract way, one which cannot be instantiated.

In a classifier, the Information Item can be represented as a name inside a rectangle. The black triangle icon at the top of the rectangle indicates that it is an Information Item. 

Information Items, or any conveyed classifiers, can be displayed on any relationships.

Example of an Information Item named Wage

One purpose of Information Items is to enable you to define preliminary models before making detailed modeling decisions on types or structures. Another purpose of Information Items and Information Flows is to abstract complex models by using a less specific more general representation of the information exchanged between entities of a system.

To create an Information Item

  1. In a model or diagram, select a relationship or create a new one.
  2. Set a relationship as an Information Flow, using one of the following methods:
    • Click a relationship. The smart manipulator opens. Select the New Conveyed Information command.
    • Open the relationship Specification window. Select the Conveyed Information property group and click the Add button. 
  3. The New Conveyed Information dialog opens. Click  next to the Conveyed Information text box.
  4. The Select Conveyed Information dialog opens. Click the Creation Mode button to enable the creation of new elements.
  5. Select the package where you want to create a new element.
  6. Click the Create button and select Information Item element in the list.

    Quick search

    Start typing the element name to find the element quicker.

  7. The Specification window of the newly created element opens. Type the element name and specify other properties according to your needs.
  8. After you finish, close all the dialogs one by one. The Information Item element is created.
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