MagicDraw 19.0 LTR Documentation

The Type Selection Mode turns on the automatic port and part type selection. When the function is turned on:

  • On a part creation, the Select Type dialog appears. The same is valid when creating ports.
  • If a part does not have a specified type, then on a nested port creation, a new type for the part will be created. A type for the new port will be created too.

  • If a part is without name, type the name on the part shape on the diagram and the type will be created automatically. The typed name will be the name of the part type (note, that part will be without name).


To turn on the Type Selection Mode

  • On the Composite Structure, Class, Component, or Package diagrams palette, click Type Selection Mode .

    The Type Selection Mode works separately for each project.


You can save the time spent looking for elements in the type selection list by using package imports.


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