MagicDraw 19.0 LTR Documentation

Our modeling tool can use either XML version 1.0 or XML version 1.1. Because XML version 1.0 does not support some special characters, our modeling tool contains a mechanism that replaces certain characters in element names with the underscore symbol ( _ ). However, only a small part of them are replaced, including profile, stereotype and stereotype property names. Please try to avoid special characters and use ASCII letters or numbers. In comparison, XML 1.1 supports all characters, except code point 3000 from “Japanese-style punctuation," which means the tool will replace it with an underscore symbol ( _ ).

The default XML version in the modeling tool is 1.0, to use XML 1.1, you need to manually change it. 

To change the XML version

  1. In the main menu of a modeling tool, select Options > Environment. The Environment Options dialog opens.
  2. In the Environment Options dialog, select General Save/Load from the options group list
  3. Click the XML Version drop-down list in the option specification area on the right side of the dialog, and select the desired XML version.

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