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The Validation Suites dialog allows you to create new suites, clone read-only validation suites, include one suite to another, and include/exclude already existing validation rules in validation suites.

The Validation Suites dialog areas: toolbar, Validation Suites, and Validation Rules areas.

Opening the Validation Suites dialog

To open the Validation Suites dialog

  • Do either:
     - From the main menu, select Analyze > Validation > Validation Suites.
     - Open the Validation dialog and click the Validation Suites button.

Description of Validation Suites dialog areas

The Validation Suites dialog consists of the following areas:


The toolbar allows you to manage the validation suites. All buttons are described in the following table.

Button iconButton nameDescription

Create New Validation Suite

Click to create a new validation suite. This button contains the following commands:

  • Validation Suite - creates a new validation suite, stored in your model as a Package with «validationSuite» stereotype applied. The validation rules stored in this suite will check if a model is correct and complete only when you start your model validation manually. How to start validation >>
  • Active Validation Suite - creates a new active validation suite stored in your model as a Package with «activeValidationSuite» stereotype applied. The validation rules stored in this suite will be active and check if a model is correct and complete immediately. Learn more about active validation suites >>

Clone Validation SuiteClick to clone an already existing validation suite with its validation rules. It is stored in your model as a Package with «validationSuite» stereotype applied.

Rename (F2)Click to rename the package of new or cloned validation suites.

RemoveClick to delete the new or cloned validation suites from the model.

Validation Suites area

The Validation Suites area shows a list of all validation suites that comes with a profile (read-only) or your own created validation suites (editable).

Each profile contains its own validation suites.

You can manage validation suites directly in the Validation Suites area by using the toolbar buttons or shortcut menu commands: Create Validation Suite, Create Active Validation Suite, Clone Validation Suite, Rename (F2), or Remove.

All those commands are described in the table above.

Validation Rules area

The Validation Rules area contains:

  • Constraints Tree displaying the structure of the validation suite Packages with their validation rules. It allows you to include/exclude validation rules to/from a newly created or cloned validation suite Package. For this select/clear the check box before the entire Package or an appropriate validation rule.

    You cannot include/exclude the validation rules to/from read-only validation suites.

  • Buttons:
EditClick to open the Specification window of the selected element in the Constraint Tree.
LoadClick to load the used project with its validation rules.