MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation

You need to have the Project Merge plugin license key to use the merge functionality in MagicDraw, Cameo Enterprise Architecture, and Cameo Systems Modeler. 


To create, remove, or rename a branch, you need to have an Administer Resources permission assigned.

Project branching duplicates versions of a project and enables users to work simultaneously on them. Branching increases productivity for those, who have several development teams working on a single product and have to merge several development branches before releasing the product.

Branches can be created from any version of a Teamwork Cloud project or its branch. The branch version holds the information about the project version it is derived from. Every branch version can be tagged. Two versions of the same of different project branch can be compared and merged into a single one.

Projects that have usages can be branched with or without these usages. In the later case, the branch version of the project references versions of the projects used in the project, which that branch is derived from (it can be the latest version or some specific version selected by the user).


To create a project branch

  1. From the main menu, select Collaborate > Projects. The Manage Projects dialog opens.
  2. Select a project you want to branch.
  3. On the toolbar of the Manage Projects dialog, click the Select Branches button Select Branches. The Select Branch dialog opens.
  4. In the open dialog, click the Edit Branches button. The Edit Branches dialog opens.
  5. Select a project version you want to branch.
  6. Click the Create Branch button. The Create Branch dialog opens.
  7. In the open dialog, type the branch name and comment.
    Name and comment of the new branch
  8. Click OK. The new branch is created, and the dialog closes.
  9. The Edit Branches dialog displays the new branch of the project.
    New branch in the Edit Branches dialog

    Search bar

    Use the search bar to filter projects according to:

    • Project Version (together with the commit tags)
    • Author
    • Comment
  10. Click OK. The dialog closes.
  11. If you want to open the newly created branch, do the following:
    1. Select it in the Select Branch dialog and click OK. The dialog closes.
    2. In the Manage Projects dialog, see that branch instead of the branched project.
    3. Click Open. The branch opens.

Archived branch

The branches that are not being worked with anymore and are only maintained for historical purposes can be hidden from users eyes. 

Performance and disk space are not affected because archived branches are hidden only graphically.

To archive a project branch 

  1. From the main menu, select Collaborate > Projects. The Manage Projects dialog opens.
  2. Select a project you want to archive branch.
  3. On the toolbar of the Manage Projects dialog, click the Select Branches button Select Branches. The Select Branch dialog opens.
  4. In the open dialog, click the Edit Branches button. The Edit Branches dialog opens.
  5. Right-click the branch you want to archive and, on the shortcut menu, click Mark as Archived. 

The archived branches can be recognized from the grayed out text. Same way you can uncheck archived branch and it will be no more archived. 

To hide or show archived branches from the dialog

  • Click   and deselect Show Archived Branches, to hide archived branches.
  • Click   and select Show Archived Branches, to show archived branches.

This action can be done in Edit Branches and Select branch dialogs. 

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