MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation

To open the Customize Perspectives dialog

  • From the Options menu, choose Perspectives and then Customize.

Customize Perspectives

Element Name
Clone Selected
Perspective Clone selected perspective
Copy the selected perspective to a new one.
Rename Selected
Perspective Rename selected perspective
The Enter Perspective Name dialog opens.
Change name of the perspective and click OK.
You can also rename perspectives by pressing F2.

Remove Selected
Perspective Remove selected perspective
Delete the selected perspective from the list.
Import New
Perspective Import new perspective
The Open dialog appears. Select *.umd extension file
and click Open to import the perspective into the
modeling tool environment.

Export Selected
Perspective Export selected perspective
The Save dialog opens. Type a name for the
created perspective and click Save to store it
as *.umd extension file.

Full Featured
Quick Start
Software Architect
System Analyst

List of the available perspectives with the
predefined configuration.
MagicDraw Area
List of customizable toolbars and command sections.
Click the Edit button to open the Customize Main Menu dialog.
Change he commands mode by selecting radio buttons.
Learn the short description about each selected area.
Reset to Defaults
Reset all changes back to the default configuration.




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