MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation

Perspective customization allows grouping of functional features into standard/expert modes. Customization also allows the user to hide unnecessary commands, making a modeling tool more convenient.

To open the Customize Perspectives dialog

  • From the Options menu, choose Perspectives and then Customize.
  • In the Perspectives dialog, click the Customize button.

There are seven customizable areas in different perspectives:

  • Main menu
  • Main toolbars
  • Diagram toolbars
  • Diagram modeling elements toolbar
  • Smart manipulators
  • Shortcut menu actions
  • Create Diagram dialog

Each of these areas has a set of commands, which can be shown in the standard / expert mode or hidden.


To customize the selected area in a predefined perspective

  1. In the Customize Perspectives dialog, select the perspective and click the Edit button near the selected area. The appropriate Customize dialog opens.
  2. Expand tree sections and select radio buttons beside the items in the tree depending on your choice for Standard and Expert, Expert only or Hidden modes.
  3. Click OK when you are done.

To switch between Standard/Expert modes, do one of the following

  • From the toolbar shortcut menu, select/clear the Expert Menu Mode or Expert Toolbar Mode check box.
  • From the diagram palette shortcut menu, select/clear Expert Mode check box.




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