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MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

File Separator Format

This property is used to indicate the format of a file separator used in code generation.

Default Return Value

You can set the default return value to be used for generating function body for new function. For example, if the default return value of bool is set to false and generated, the function shown below will be created in a .cpp file.

bool func(); in .h file, 
bool func()
return false;

Property NameDescription
Interactive mode

If enabled, you will be questioned during the reverse process when the parser cannot decide whether the symbol is a class or namespace. 

For example:

If you reverse the following code 

class A {
       B::X i; 

The parser does not have enough information to decide whether B is a class or namespace. 

Figure 122 -- Question dialog for interactive mode 

Default Mode

If you are using the default mode, rather than the interactive mode, the reverse module will automatically give the best guess according to the information in the code.
Parse error before stopAllows you to specify the number of errors to ignore before the reverse process will be terminated. You can set the property to zero to allow CE to reverse all code before stopping.
Parse IncludesIf set to false, the reverse module will reverse only the selected files and ignore all #include statements.
Show message for not found includes

Used to display messages in the message window when the reverse module cannot find the files included in the #include statement. 

Parse Includes

You must set the property Parse Includes to true in order to use the property Show message for not found includes.
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