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MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

Once you have selected a default macro language (see Selecting a default macro language), you can create a new macro by using the Create Macro dialog, see figure below. The dialog allows you to specify a macro language, enter source code, and save it.

To create a new macro

  1. Click Tools > Macros > Create Macro on the MagicDraw main menu. The Create Macro dialog will open, see figure below.

    The Create Macro Dialog

  2.  Select a macro language in the Macro Language box.
  3.  Enter source code in the text box.
  4.  Click  to test and make sure that the source code works properly.
  5.  Click . The Macro Information dialog will open. Follow the steps described in Adding a Macro and Its Information.
  6.  After clicking OK in the Macro Information dialog, the new macro will be saved in the location you have specified in the File text box.


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