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MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

Although you can create other types of tables in various ways, there is only one correct way to create a Metric Table. 

To create a Metric Table

  1. In the Containment tree, right-click the element for which you need to calculate the metrics of a particular Metric Suite.

    Metric Suite target

    The element, or at least the type of the element, must be a target value of that Metric Suite.

  2. From the shortcut menu of the element, select Tools > Metrics > New Metric Table. The Create Metric Table dialog opens.

  3. In the list of available metric suites, select the check boxes next to the Metric Suites you want to use. There are three groups of predefined Metric Suites:

    • Requirement Metric Suites (Obsolete)

    • Requirement Coverage (Treat Owner as Grouping Element)

    • Requirement Coverage (Treat Owner as Requirement)

    Metric Suite descriptions

    Select a Metric Suite and click to read its description in the description area of the Create Metric Table dialog. Carefully read descriptions of each metric suite. This helps you decide which one best suits your needs.

  4.  Click OK.


If you cannot see a particular Metric Suite in the Create Metric Table dialog, check the target value of that Metric Suite. It is possible that the element selected in step 1 is not the target of this Metric Suite.

The table of a particular metric suite is created for the selected element. It is already filled with data (metrics calculated at the time you created the table). These metrics are actually stored in the Package owned by the element for which they have been calculated. The name of the Package is <element_name> Metrics, for example, HSUVModel Metrics.

If one or more metrics are not calculated, make sure the Metric Suite is specified correctly. Here are some suggestions:

  • Check the metric definition – the formula could be specified incorrectly.
  • Check the parameter definition – the metric definition probably cannot access parameter values.

This method of creating Metric Tables saves much time compared to the more common ways of table (and even diagram) creation, as these methods for a Metric Table creation start with an empty table. This requires further effort on your part to fill it (specify the metric suite, create an empty row, define parameters, and then calculate the metrics).

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