You can customize the application environment according to your preferences via the Environment Options dialog.

To open the Environment Options dialog

  • From the Options menu, select Environment.

Structure of Environment Options dialog

The Environment Options dialog contains various project-independent options grouped by different features (for example, diagrams, Model Browser, code engineering). Each option group is available in a different tab. Tabs are displayed in the tab tree.

An option value can be simply changed by typing a new value, setting a value to true / false, or selecting a value from the list. Click the Reset to Defaults button to restore default option values.

Changing options

In order to change a desired environment option, first of all you may need to find it. In this case, use the quick filter in the dialog. Filtering is performed in the all available options, not only in the selected option group.

For better understanding an option you can read its description that tells what is the effect of changing the option value.

To read the option description

  1. Make sure that the Show Description mode is turned on in the Environment Options dialog. To turn the Show Description mode on or off, click the Show Description button on the tab toolbar.

    The Show Description button in the Environment Options toolbar

  2. Click an option, whose value you want to change.
  3. Read the option description in the area below the tab options list. You are ready now to change the option value.