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MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

Macro Engine allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to the macros that you have created using either the Environment Options or Macro Information dialog, see figures below. You can later press the keyboard shortcuts to execute or run the macros in MagicDraw.



To open the keyboard shortcuts pane in the Environment Options dialog

  1. Click Options > Environment on the MagicDraw main menu. The Environment Options dialog will open.
  2. Click Keyboard, see figure below.

Environment Options Dialog

The macro information and keyboard shortcuts that are saved either in the Environment Options or Macro Information dialog will be stored as a MagicDraw environment. They will not be kept in a specific project file [*.mdzip].

Macro Information Dialog

  • The  button in the Macro Information or Environment Options dialog will be disabled until you type a keyboard shortcut in the  box.


The table below lists the Keyboard Shortcut Buttons

  To assign a new keyboard shortcut to a macro.
  To remove the keyboard shortcuts from the selected item in
 To remove all keyboard shortcuts from a macro.

 The table below lists the Keyboard Shortcut Text Boxes

Current keysTo store a list of keyboard shortcuts
currently assigned to a macro.
To type a new keyboard shortcut
to be assigned to a macro.


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