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MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

This chapter describes how to set include paths for an include system file.

Include system file example

If you include any system file, you must set the system file path as well.

System file paths

To set the include path

  1. From the Options menu choose Project.
  2. Expand Code Engineering, and choose C++ Language Options. Select the Include path check-box. Click the Use include paths button (...) appearing on the right side of the Project options dialog box.
  3. The Set Include Path dialog appears.
Set Include Path dialog box




The Open dialog box appears for the select directory path.


Remove the selected Include path.


Move the selected Include path upward.


Move the selected Include path downward.

Select the code-engineering set and then select Properties.

Finally, set the “Parse includes” property to “true”.

Parse Includes option

If the user sets the “Parse Includes” property to “false”, during reverse engineering of the C++ code, MagicDraw will not parse inside the header file; all unknown types will be created in the “Default” package of the model. The user can then solve keyword-specific problems in the library, speed up the reverse process, and remove unnecessary models inside the header file. 
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