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Notifications about new versions

When several users work on the same project simultaneously, you will be notified if new changes are committed to the server project you are working on. 

To turn notifications about new versions on/off

  1. On the main menu, click Options > Environment. The Environment Options dialog opens.
  2.  In the options list, select Collaboration and then the property Notify About New Project Versions on the Server. Do one of the following: 
    • Set to true to get notifications.
    • Set to false to turn the notification window off.

You can specify the interval you want the tool to check for new committed project versions on the server; by default, this time interval is two minutes. 

To specify a time interval for checking new versions

  1. On the main menu, click Options > Environment. The Environment Options dialog opens.
  2.  In the options list, select Collaboration.
  3. Specify Interval to Check For New Project Version (in seconds) property value.   

Any changes to the interval will be applied to newly opened projects only.

After notifications are turned on and/or a time interval is specified, the tool will automatically check to see if there is a new project version available on the server. When a new version is detected, the following notification will appear:

You can choose these actions from this notification:  Update the project from the server or display upcoming changes in the  Upcoming Changes panel.

Update the project from the server

An update is the process of refreshing your current project version by merging changes other team members have made and committed to the server. You should update a project when you know that a new project version is available on the server.

To update the project with changes from Teamwork Cloud

  • From the Collaborate menu, select Update Project, or press Ctrl+U.

    Locked items cannot be updated.

Updating lock information is a special case of the update feature. Use it to refresh the list of elements locked by other users.

To update the lock information on elements locked by other users

  • From the Collaborate menu, select Update Lock Information, or press Ctrl+Shift+U.

Display upcoming changes

If you want to see the latest changes, open the Upcoming Changes panelwhich shows the changes committed to the server project while you were working on it.

To open the Upcoming Changes panel 

  • On the main menu, click Window > Upcoming Changes. The Upcoming Changes panel opens.

This toolbar allows you to manage project changes. Its commands are described in the following table.

Button iconButton nameDescription

RefreshRefresh the view to check for changes in the latest project version.

Update project

Update the project to the latest version (or press Ctrl+U).

Show description

Select a changed element and click Show description. The latest changes committed for that element are displayed, including project version, date, author, and commit comment.

Difference checkerReviewing element history and inspecting changes.


- Green indicates that the element was added.

- Red indicates that the element was deleted.

- Blue indicates that the element was modified or moved.

Granularity level of project options

Every project option and its value under General and Default Model Properties nodes are treated as separate changes. However, options under the Diagram Info node are treated as single changes. After every update, project options get merged (or overwritten). When more than one user works on the same project version and changes different options, these options will be merged after updating. However, if all users changed the same options, the last user to commit will overwrite the option value and only that option will be seen in the last update. The user will be notified before overwriting the option value.

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