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MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

With the Use Server Project wizard, you can add a selected server project, such as a library, profile, or other user-defined project part.

To open the Use Server Project wizard

  • On the Collaborate menu, click Server projects > Use Server Project.
  • On the Options menu, click Project Usages. In the opened Used Projects dialog, click the Use Project button.

The wizard consists of two steps:

  1. Selecting a project.
  2. Specifying selected project settings.

Step #1: Selecting a project

After the wizard is opened, the list of available server projects appears.

Select the server project you need and do one of the following:

  • Click Next, if you need to change default project settings. The next wizard step opens.
  • Click Finish. The selected server project is added to your project.
Dialog Element NameElement TypeDescription
NameText Box

A project name.

BranchText BoxThe number of the latest version.
Project DescriptionText BoxA description of the last project version.

Step #2: Specifying usage settings

In this step, you can specify shared project accessibility and packages in which the corresponding shared project is placed.

Click Finish after you have specified project settings. The selected server project is added to your project

Dialog Element NameElement TypeDescription
AccessibilityOption Button

Specifies the project access properties:

  • Read-only: projects are loaded for reading only and cannot be edited. Elements of the project can be used and referenced in the project. Usually, libraries are used in the read-only accessibility mode in projects.
  • Read-write: projects can be directly edited in the project where the projects are used.
Load ModeOption Button

By selecting an appropriate load mode, you can control how memory is used by a program and project:

  • Always load (default). A selected project is always loaded when the project is opened.
  • Autoload. A selected project is not loaded when the project is loaded. MagicDraw monitors user activities in the project and loads a particular project on demand by the project.
  • Autoload with prompt. This mode is similar to an autoload mode. The difference is that MagicDraw asks the user for confirmation before loading it.
  • Manual load. A selected project is not loaded when a project which uses this project is loaded. The model integrity is not broken, as all required elements of the project exist, just simplified versions (that is, loaded as proxies) of the elements are used in the project. This load mode is recommended for all projects that are stable or rarely modified.

Load Mode

Reload the project after changing the project load mode.
Use IndexCheck Box

Select this check box to load indexed elements from the not loaded project. This is valid only when the project is not loaded. Using indexed elements in the project increases the performance, as only simplified versions (that is, proxies) of elements are loaded.


This table lists all shared packages of the project and paths where these packages are mounted in the project.

Shared PackageText Box

The name of a shared package.

Preferred PathText Box

Suggests where to mount the package in the project. This location is used by default if not otherwise specified.

Mounted OnText Box

Displays the real location where the package is currently mounted in the project. Click the ... button to change a package location.

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