In the Model Browser you can do the various actions with model elements, such as, rename, cut, copy, delete, and others. These actions are available from the particular model element shortcut menu. See the list of the concrete actions in the following table.




Switches the element name into the edit mode.
You can also press F2 for this.


Copies the selected element.

Copy URL

Copies a model element URL to a

CutCuts the selected element.


Pastes the copied element.

DeleteDeletes the selected element.

To copy/cut and paste the selected model element between different projects

1. Select the model element in the Model Browser.
2. From the model element shortcut menu, select Copy or Cut.
3. Open the project to which you want to paste the selected element(s).
4. Select the container, where you wish to paste the element(s).
5. From the container's shortcut menu, select Paste.

To change the location of an element in the Model Browser

1. Select the element in the Model Browser.
2. Drag it to the new location (possible owner).