This tool allows you to create instances of various entities with just a few clicks. It is useful for working with complex models, and for assembling large systems from parts.

While creating instances automatically, you can:

  • Select properties for which the instances will be created
  • Change types of instantiated properties
  • Assign default values for the instantiated properties

For properties having the multiplicity more than one, you can create as many instances of the same type as you need, since parallel parts can be added while creating instances. Previously, this feature had been supported by the SysML plugin only.

The Automatic Instantiation wizard analyzes the structure of the selected element and collects all available information about that element from the model (attributes, properties, and so on). All this information is presented in the first step of the wizard.

The Automatic Instantiation wizard evaluates collected information and provides a suggestion of all possible instances to be created.

If you are satisfied with default values provided in the Automatic Instantiation wizard, you can finish the wizard in the first step without making any changes. The instances will be created with the default values and in your working package. But if you want to change default values, create several different configurations, see the Working with Automatic Instantiation Wizard and the Case study: sections on how to do that. 

The Automatic Instantiation Wizard consists of three steps:

  • Step #1. Parts selection
  • Step #2. Package selection 
  • Step #3. Diagram creation (optional) 

To open the Automatic Instantiation wizard

  1. Select the elements for which you want to create instances.
  2. From the shortcut menu, select Tools > Create Instance.
    The Automatic Instantiation wizard opens.