Modeling Tools

This functionality is available in Standard, Professional, Architect and Enterprise editions only.

When you inherit Classes from the base Class that has abstract functions, you have to redefine them in the inherited Classes. The implement/override operations tool will help you generate operations that are defined as abstract in the base Class.

The Implement/Override Operations command can be invoked in two cases:

To start the Implement/Override Operations tool

  1. From the shortcut menu of the selected Class, select Tools.
  2. Select Implement/Override Operations.
  3. The Select Operations to Implement/Override dialog box opens.


Contains names of all operations defined within the selected class. 


Contains the selected operations.


Moves the selected operation from the All list to the Selected list. 


Moves selected operation from the Selected list to the All list.

>>Moves all operations from the All list to the Selected list.
<<Moves all operations from the Selected to the All list.
OKGenerates operations that are in the Selected list.
CancelExits the dialog box without any changes.
HelpDisplays the MagicDraw Help. 

Shortcut Key

Double-click the item name and it will be moved to the opposite list.