You need to have the Project Merge plugin license key to use the merge functionality in MagicDraw, Cameo Enterprise Architecture, and Cameo Systems Modeler. 

Model Merge allows copying changes between different project versions. This functionality is usually needed when there are several branches that reflect different releases or versions of the product, for example, when certain fixes have to be copied from a release branch to the mainstream development

You can merge different versions of both local and server projects.

Projects that use other projects can be compared and merged in one single operation. You do not need to merge each used project and finally the main project one-by-one.

Basic concepts

For a better understanding of the further material, learn the following concepts.




A project version from which changes are copied.


A project version into which changes are copied.


A common parent project version of both source and target.


General description for a project version that participates in the merge as a source or a target.