Edition Availability

This functionality is available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions only.

In our modeling tool, you can find various GOF, Java, Junit, CORBA IDL, and XML Schema Design Patterns. Additionally, you can create new patterns and edit existing ones using Java code or JPython scripts.

The Pattern Wizard helps to create a class with some predefined properties.

To apply a pattern to a class

In your project, if you have a Class diagram created with at least one Class symbol on it, you can:

  1. Select the Class symbol in the Class diagram and do one of the following:
    • From its shortcut menu, select Tools Apply Pattern.
    • On the main menu, click Tools Apply Pattern.
  2. The Pattern Wizard opens. In the wizard, select a desired pattern and specify properties if needed. 

  3. After you are done choosing your pattern, click Finish.


You can find a description of each pattern at the bottom of the dialog in the Description area.

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