Teamwork Server makes it easy to exchange data directly in the context of your work. It provides a central repository for storing any kind of models. Using Teamwork Server, team members can access, review, or modify the same model at the same time. It supports importing, exporting, updating, branching or comparing in-server-stored models.

When you are connected to Teamwork Server, you must have certain permissions to work with server projects. The following pages explain the most important steps you need to take when working with server projects:

  1. Create a server project or add a non-server project to the Teamwork Server. Open the server project.
  2. Lock the elements you want to edit and edit them in the open project.
  3. Select the model elements to unlock and commit the project.
  4. Create categories for visual grouping of server projects.

If you want to lock an element for editing, the application will check for the permissions you have and the availability of the element.

Before committing elements, you can unlock the elements you have previously locked. Committing to Teamwork Server will create a new project version.