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The Generate Output pane in Report Wizard allows you to configure report files by selecting the report files’ output location and image format, and displaying the report in the viewer.

The Generate Output pane.

 The table below describes the function of each option in the Generate Output pane of Report Wizard.

Component Name Description
Report fileShows the report file’s location and name. The default report location will be \data\template_folder\reports\. The
default report name will be the same as the report name defined by the user. 
Opens the Select Location dialog in order to locate the report file.
Report image format

Selects an image format for your report: JPG, PNG, SVG, EMF, or WMF.


    • Use *.JPG and *.PNG for any template format.
    • Use *.SVG for text, HTML, DOCX, and DocBooK templates.
    • Use *.EMF and *.WMF for text and Microsoft Office templates (RTF, DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX).
Auto image size

Changes the size and orientation of an image before inserting it into a document. There are four options available:

    1. No Resize-Image will not be resized or rotated.
    2. Fit image to paper (large only)-Large image will be fit to within the paper size.
    3. Fit and rotate (clockwise) image to paper (large only)-Large image will be fit to
      within the paper size and rotated clockwise.
    4. Fit and rotate (counter-clockwise) image to paper (large only)-
      Large image will be fit to within the paper size and rotated counter-clockwise.
Display empty value as
    • Empty text-Leave an empty value of the report output blank.
    • Custom text as-Enter a custom value for an empty value. The default value is NA.
Displays a complete report in the viewer. Otherwise, the report will be created and kept in a selected location.
Generates a report.
Cancels the report generation process and closes the Report Wizard dialog.
Provides the Help content.

Displaying an empty value with a text feature was deprecated. Or, you can select one of the following two options:

  • Use a template code to replace empty value with text. For example:

    Using normal

    Using macro

    #if (!$var || $var == "")
    #macro (replaceNullValueWithText $var)
     #if (!var || $var == "")
  • Use report wizard environment option to configure empty.

Add the property “template.output.on.blank.field” and value in the Report Wizard Environment option to enable this feature. The value of this property will be inserted in the generated output when the variable is empty (see Report Wizard environment options).

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