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This feature is a technology preview.

  • The Global Element Usage Search feature can only be used if Elasticsearch is installed on the server.
  • You can find the element usages only in the projects that have been indexed.

The global element usage search allows users to check the usages of elements within the Teamwork Cloud repository. Consequently, it is easier to examine the likely impact of element deletions and modifications on the projects that use them. 

The command is available for the elements in an open (main) project only. You cannot execute it if:

  • the selected element is from a Used Project
  • the selected element has not been committed to the server yet
  • multiple elements are selected

To find the element usages

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the Containment tab, right-click an element and select Related Elements > Used by in Server.
    • On the diagram pane, right-click an element shape and select Related Elements > Used by in Server.

The element usages search results panel opens. The server projects that use the selected element are listed under Results.

Only the latest indexed branch versions are found. For example, if an element is used in the historical version, but is no longer in use, it is not displayed in the element usages search results panel.

If you see a warning message (see below), it means that you do not have the permissions to read the project(s) using the element you performed the usages search for.

The UI components in the element usages search results panel are explained in the table below:

UI componentDescription

Refreshes the usages search of the selected element.

Opens the project the selected element is used in. The element for which the search is performed is automatically selected in the Containment tab.
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