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MagicDraw 2021x Refresh1 Documentation

Magic Report provides three levels to set DPI for images in generated reports as follows:

  1. Global level
    By adding the template.output.image.dpi variable in the Report Environment options, this DPI setting takes effect in images in any reports generated from any templates.

  2. Template level
    The ImageDPI variable supported in Report Data of a template can be added so that the defined DPI value takes effect in images in reports generated from this template.


    The template level setting has a higher priority than the global level setting.

  3. Object level
    Supporting $report.getImageFor($element, $dpi), this DPI setting takes effect in some images in a template whereas:

    • $element is a MagicDraw element. The image of $element is returned with specified DPI.
    • $dpi is an Integer.
      • The normal value boundary of the integer is 1 to 4800.
        • If less than 1, the value is not taken, and the DPI setting in the template and global levels will be used respectively.
        • If more than 4800, the value will be rounded down to 4800.


    The object level setting has the highest priority. The DPI from this level setting overrides the global and template level settings and takes effect in specified images.

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