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You can add new or manage existing hyperlinks in the Edit Hyperlink dialog, consisting of:

  • Three main tabs containing all modeling tools: Address tab, File tab, and Element/Symbol tab.
  • One tab required to install the Cameo DataHub Plugin: OSLC Link tab.

The following figure illustrates the tabs.

All available tabs in the Edit Hyperlink dialog.

Hyperlink types

The following table provides details of available hyperlink types.

Tab in the Edit Hyperlink dialogHyperlink typeRequired pluginsTab descriptions
Address tabLinks to webpages or other external resources.-Learn more about Address tab >>
File tabOpens the file from your file system.Learn more about File tab >>
Element/Symbol tab
  • In HTML text, opens the element Specification window.
  • In plain text, on element/symbol, or diagram, opens the diagram.
Learn more about Element/Symbol tab >>
OSLC Link tabLinks to OSLC resources.Learn more about OSLC Link tab >>

Opening the Edit Hyperlink dialog

To open the Edit Hyperlink dialog