Report Wizard is a report engine for MagicDraw version 14.0 and greater. It is designed to solve several problems of our legacy report engines (XSL/XSLT and JPython).
The Report Wizard report engine is built on top of Velocity Engine (Open Source Templating engine) and is integrated with the MagicDraw application. To make the best of Report Wizard, you need to understand the Report Wizard UI, the Velocity Template Language (VTL), the application's Open API, and the helper modules.
Report Wizard supports text-based templates to generate reports. Each report file format depends on the type of the templates. The type of template files that Report Wizard supports includes plain text, RTF, HTML, Office Open XML (ISO/IEC 29500:2008)OpenDocument format (ISO/IEC 26300), and XML template (DocBook or FO). It also supports the MS Word template in VBA Editor on Windows 8.

All commercial MagicDraw editions will have full use of all features within Report Wizard. The MagicDraw Community edition allows you to generate reports with watermarks.

Before generating a report, you need to open Report Wizard.

How to open Report Wizard

  • On the Tools menu, click Report Wizard. The Report Wizard dialog will appear.