This feature is available in Standard, Professional, Architect, and Enterprise editions.

Smart package is a special collection of model elements.

There are two ways an element can be included in the smart package:

  •  Manually - the user selects to include the particular element.

    You can create a smart package named My Bookmarks and add frequently used elements to it.

  • Automatically - the element meets the set of criteria defined by the user.

    You can create a smart package named Requirements v5 with the criteria “all elements of type Requirement under the package Business requirements, having tag version=5”.

The membership in the smart package is not the UML ownership; one element can belong to several smart packages.

Smart packages aggregate relevant elements, so that you can:

  • Easily browse, navigate, list, and discover these elements in the Containment tree.
  • Narrow the scope in both the Find dialog and the element Selection dialog.
  • Define dynamic row and column scopes in dependency matrices.


To better understand this material, please read through the following concepts.

Static contents

A collection of manually included elements.

Dynamic contents

A collection of elements automatically calculated according to the set of criteria specified by the user.