There are two property meanings used in customization elements: properties specifying the element (in the Specification window), and properties as element attributes. The latter is described in this section.

You can create a property in the customization element, then apply the particular stereotype and create customization rules.

To create a property in the customization element

  1. In a profile diagram, create a customization element.
  2. Select the customization element on the diagram. 
  3. Click the  button. The menu with properties appears.

  4. Select the desired property described in the following table:
AttributeApplied StereotypeDescription

Place on Diagram Palette


Meta Property«metaProperty» Changes the name of the default meta property.
Property Group


Creates your own groups and subgroups to group the properties either of standard UML metaclasses or stereotypes.

Auto Numbering Property


Creates property used to specify numbering rules for a DSL element.

Derived Property Specification


Creates a derived property that is the property whose values are calculated automatically from the other properties’ values.