The main menu located at the top of the modeling tool window contains the following elements:

Menu elementDescription
FileContains basic project management-related commands, e.g., New ProjectOpen Project, and Save Project. Among other actions, this menu also allows you to import data from external sources, export a project, or print diagrams.
EditUse this menu when working with diagrams on the Diagram pane. The Edit menu contains the commands for selecting, cutting, copying, and pasting symbols or entire diagrams, and finding elements in the current project.
ViewContains commands allowing you to zoom in or zoom out of a diagram, use and customize a diagram grid, manage diagram tabs (if you have several open diagrams) and customize the toolbars of your modeling tool.
LayoutUse this menu for managing the layout of the symbols on an active diagram. To enable certain Layout menu commands, you must select more than one symbol.
DiagramsAllows you to create a new diagram, access diagram wizards and history, and create a custom diagram type.
OptionsUse this menu to specify project options and environment options, select or customize perspectives, and choose the style for your modeling tool.
ToolsContains the set of commands allowing you to execute model transformations for converting models between different modeling domains, generate reportsevaluate expressions on the actual testing model, generate code for the selected model data, create and organize macros, access the DataHub plugin, and more.
AnalyzeUse this menu to access the wizards of different types of diagrams, create implementation matrices, analyze and show model dependencies, compare two project versions, validate a project, display paths or related elements, and perform other model analysis-related actions.
CollaborateContains the commands for working with server projects.
WindowAllows you to manage the layout of different windows in your modeling tool.
HelpAmong other actions, this menu allows opening online documentation, managing resources, and accessing modeling tool-related information.

Customizable menus

You can choose which of these menus are shown/hidden by customizing modeling tool perspectives.